Course Description

This is a quick and simple way for you to come to know your Communication DNA, what makes you who you are. In this course you can complete a simple quiz, then learn all about the different Communication DNA styles.

Here you will learn what you need as a Communicator, what annoys you and what really works. You will begin to see how others may perceive you and get a look into why some people may annoy you and why you may struggle with certain people or situations.

Communication is critical to healthy relationships, so to ensure you are Communicating at your best you need to understand your needs as a Communicator and the needs of others.

When I learned this information for the first time it saved my marriage and also lead me to be promoted at work, this is Powerful stuff! So Powerful was the shift in my life that I decided that I needed to share this with the world.

This is an accessible and easy to understand version. If you want to understand more, you can by completing a complimentary course. To take a deep dive into your strengths, needs and challenges as a Communicator I highly recommend completing "Unlock your Strengths as a Communicator".

This online version "Harness your Strengths as a Communicator" is exactly the process I used to step my coaching clients through for $997. This may sound like a lot of money but this information can completely change your relationships, your professional life and your business. This online version is enormous value (at only $147) and will help you understand yourself and begin to understand others so that you can close the Communication Gap and have higher quality communication across all areas of your life.

In "Harness Your Strengths as a Communicator" I have put the same process together for you to go through independently. It is a powerful process, if you are seeking clarification about problem relationships, how to be heard and understood, how to deal with a difficult person or situation, how to advance in your career, then this course will set you up for success.

Learning what your Communication DNA is, an essential first step into the Communication DNA Model and how powerful and transformative it can be across all areas of your life.

Author, Speaker and Team Expert

Kylie Warry

Kylie Warry is an Author, Coach and Team Expert. Having worked with teams and business for over 10 years teaching them how to improve Communication, particularly during change or crisis. Communication is cornerstone to all of your relationships. Great communication connects and poor, thoughtless communication disconnects. Intentional communication is communicating with care and purpose. When you are in crisis, when it matters most; your communication can fail you. Poor communication just adds to the chaos. There are few “Great Communicators” yet it is skill crucial to all of your relationships, personal and professional. As a leader in any industry it is critical that you know your strengths as a communicator and your potential Impact.With Behavioural Science and Psychology degrees, and more than 20 years of industry experience Kylie has developed the Intentional Communication Framework and Communication DNA model for better communication. It’s a road map to show how your communication is affected in crisis and how you can navigate these really difficult times with care with respect and with wisdom.Your business, your relationships and your world will be affected by transition, challenge and crisis, it is guaranteed, so you need to know how to communicate with care and with Intention through these challenging times.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    What is Communication DNA?

    • What is Communication DNA? - video

  • 2

    What is my Communication DNA - the quiz

    • How to Complete the Communication DNA Quiz

    • DNA Quiz instructions. WATCH THIS FIRST

    • What is my Communication DNA- quiz (pdf)

  • 3

    The Communication DNA styles

    • The Playful Communicator

    • Understanding the DNA of the Playful Communicator - pdf

    • The Powerful Communicator

    • Understanding the DNA of the Powerful Communicator - pdf

    • The Patient Communicator

    • Understanding the DNA of the Patient Communicator - pdf

    • The Perfectionist Communicator

    • Understanding the DNA of the Perfectionist Communicator - pdf

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