How to Deal with Difficult People

Understand others and get a better result | taught by Kylie Warry

Course description

Have you ever had that awful sinking feeling whenever you've had to deal with a difficult person? Have you ever not wanted to go to work or avoided social occasions because a particular person was there? Difficult people and difficult conversations are a part of life; you cannot avoid them. What will help you is a set of skills that will reveal a new way to approach this very common problem.

This course is designed to help you understand the needs of others and how to best deal with people in difficult situations and circumstances. Most often difficult people are just different from you. Learn what works and what doesn't work for each of the different Communication DNA styles.

If you want to know what makes certain styles difficult;

How to best deal with difficult people;

Ways to communicate so that you can best get your message across;

Learn how to best communicate with different communication styles;

Learn to manage stress and emotions

Then this course is for you.

Kylie Warry
Kylie Warry
Author, Speaker and Team Expert

Kylie Warry is an Author, Coach and Team Expert. Having worked with teams and business for over 10 years teaching them how to improve Communication, particularly during change or crisis.

Communication is cornerstone to all of your relationships. Great communication connects and poor, thoughtless communication disconnects.

Intentional communication is communicating with care and purpose. When you are in crisis, when it matters most; your communication can fail you. Poor communication just adds to the chaos.

There are few “Great Communicators” yet it is skill crucial to all of your relationships, personal and professional. As a leader in any industry it is critical that you know your strengths as a communicator and your potential Impact.

With Behavioural Science and Psychology degrees, and more than 20 years of industry experience Kylie has developed the Intentional Communication Framework and Communication DNA model for better communication. It’s a road map to show how your communication is affected in crisis and how you can navigate these really difficult times with care with respect and with wisdom.

Your business, your relationships and your world will be affected by transition, challenge and crisis, it is guaranteed, so you need to know how to communicate with care and with Intention through these challenging times.

Course Curriculum

Dealing with Difficult People
Dealing with Difficult Powerful Communicators
Dealing with Difficult Playful Communicators
Dealing with Difficult Patient Communicators
Dealing with Difficult Perfectionist Communicators