Course Description

Congratulations, you are in Business. Well done! Business is not easy so I applaud your courage and determination.

This course is for Business owners who realise that Business should not be this hard. That something may be missing...

Perhaps staff are hard to motivate

Perhaps instructions are not being followed

Maybe Productivity is poor

Could customer service be improved?

You may be losing profit because of poor communication

This does not have to be how it is! Improve Communication and Improve your outcomes in Business.

Harnessing your Communication skills in your business will make such a huge difference to your outcomes in a positive way. Profits grows, productivity skyrockets and your staff are more engaged. This course and the other courses on this site have been created to help you harness your own Unique skills as a Communicator. We are so glad you joined us.

Here's to Better Business with Better Communication.

This course outline the 5 steps to better business, if you want to continue the learning we have many other courses that would improve communication in your business.

If you want a Roadmap to creating the Business of your dreams

If you want motivated staff

A team that follow instruction

A Productive and happy team

Customer service that people rave about

All of your profit in your hands

Then this course is for you, see you on the inside!

Author, Speaker and Team Expert

Kylie Warry

Kylie Warry is an Author, Coach and Team Expert. Having worked with teams and business for over 10 years teaching them how to improve Communication, particularly during change or crisis. Communication is cornerstone to all of your relationships. Great communication connects and poor, thoughtless communication disconnects. Intentional communication is communicating with care and purpose. When you are in crisis, when it matters most; your communication can fail you. Poor communication just adds to the chaos. There are few “Great Communicators” yet it is skill crucial to all of your relationships, personal and professional. As a leader in any industry it is critical that you know your strengths as a communicator and your potential Impact.With Behavioural Science and Psychology degrees, and more than 20 years of industry experience Kylie has developed the Intentional Communication Framework and Communication DNA model for better communication. It’s a road map to show how your communication is affected in crisis and how you can navigate these really difficult times with care with respect and with wisdom.Your business, your relationships and your world will be affected by transition, challenge and crisis, it is guaranteed, so you need to know how to communicate with care and with Intention through these challenging times.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Better Communication means Better Business

    • Better Communication means Better Business

    • 5 steps to Better Communication in your Business - Introduction

    • 5 steps to Better Communication in Your Business - VIDEO

    • 5 steps to better business wbook final

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